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Instead of searching newspapers or the DOE Web site for the latest news and information about state actions that affect your local schools, you now can enjoy the advantage of having first-hand education news and information automatically delivered directly to you whenever it is issued.

The Department of Education invites all New Jersey residents to subscribe to gens-public -- our comprehensive e-mail news service that will keep you informed of education news in New Jersey.

All parents, students and all other citizens with an interest in education should subscribe to the gens-public listserv.  By subscribing to this free service, you will receive news releases, reports, speeches, testimony, opinions, administrative code, and data, as well as any other information that the department distributes to educators and the media. DOE’s gens-public listserv is also a source of information about upcoming events and award ceremonies.

All gens-public information is transmitted to you by e-mail as soon as the information is released publicly.

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