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No Child Left Behind (NCLB) - Archive

  • Title I Performance Report Instruction Manual (PDF)

  • FY 2012 Allocation Tables (PDF)
  • FY 2012 Planning Documents (for internal district use only – will not be submitted)

  • FY 2012 Program Specific Forms and Instructions
    • Title I Part A –
      • Title I Unified Plan for Schools in Need of Improvement and/or Schools Operating a Schoolwide Program (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
      • Title I Unified Plan Instructions (PDF)
      • Process for Submitting the Title I Unified Plan (PDF)
      • Title I DINI Plan Instructions (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
      • FY 2012 School Based Budgets Title I Part A (Excel)
      • FY 2012 School Based Budgets Title I SIA Part A (Excel)
      • Guidance on Consolidation of Funds in a Title I Schoolwide Program (Microsoft Word) (PDF)
      • Title I Schoolwide Budget – Consolidating Funds (Excel)
      • Title I Schoolwide Budget – Not Consolidating Funds (Excel)
      • Title I SINI Budget – SINIs Operating a Targeted Assistance Program (Excel)
  • Title I Part D –
  • Title III Part A –
    • Guidelines for Title III Consortium Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement between Lead Applicant District and Participant Districts (Microsoft Word) (PDF)

  • Nonpublic School Documentation
  • Nonpublic School Documentation
  • FY 2010 NCLB Reference Manual (Updated 11/23/09)
    PLEASE NOTE: The revisions have been highlighted for your convenience when reviewing the document.

  • FY 2009 NCLB Reference Manual  (Updated 12/23/08)
    PLEASE NOTE:  The revisions have been highlighted for your convenience when reviewing the document.

  • FY 2008 NCLB Reference Manual

  • FY 2007 NCLB Reference Manual

  • FY 2006 NCLB Reference Manual  (Updated 12/1/05)
    (Please note that the language in Section II of the manual that addresses final reports and carryover applications has been updated.)

  • FY 2005 NCLB Reference Manual

    Entire Document (PDF)
    Section I - Introductory Material (Word)
    Section II - Federal and State Regulations and Priorities (Word)
    Section III - NCLB Program Structure (Word)
    Section IV - Fiscal Regulations and Responsibility (Word)
    Section V – Appendices (Word)

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