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Title II

Title II, Part A - Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund, Grants to States

Summary: This program increases student achievement by elevating teacher and principal quality through recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies.

Federal Non-Regulatory GuidanceImproving Teacher Quality, Revised Draft Non-Regulatory Guidance.

Program Office: Office of Academic and Professional Standards-(609) 984-5322


Highly Qualified Teachers




Federal guidance

Power-point Presentation
This presentation was made to school administrators in August 2003 to prepare them to assist teachers in satisfying the NCLB requirement for Highly Qualified Teachers. It includes information about who is required to meet the definition, the timelines for compliance, the federal criteria for determining whether teachers are highly qualified and the NJ High Objective Uniform State Evaluation (HOUSE) Standard. The presentation provides instructions on completing necessary forms and addresses concerns specific to middle school, special education and Title I teachers.