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About innovateNJ

innovateNJ is New Jersey's initiative  to support innovation and practice by fostering sharing and collaboration, cultivating projects, and convening practitioners and partners. We hope that your active participation in innovateNJ will help facilitate next-generation instructional practices that will promote and heighten the college and career readiness levels of our students.


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Join a community of educators committed to working together in ways that  produce replicable  and adaptable innovative practices, helping to identify what is being done and what works well across the state.  Learn more about the innovateNJ Community or  about becoming a member click here:


Learn more about innovation partners, programs, products, and providers that may help you achieve your innovative goals.  Gain insights on the ways in which innovation is taking place in school districts across the country.  Plan to attend an event to keep abreast of ways to implement personalized learning opportunities for your students.


Want to learn more about  the innovative programs  currently supported by NJDOE?  Click here for  examples of  projects that  support 21st century learning  experiences, and  ways in which  community based organizations  are assisting school district innovative initiatives.

Latest News

North Jersey manufacturers combat skills shortage with innovative program

Struggling to find skilled workers, some of North Jersey's biggest high-tech manufacturers have joined together to help forge an innovative high school program designed to create future employees for the increasingly computerized industry.

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Registration Now Open for NJ Makers Day!

NJ Makers Day

Registration is now open to become an official sites to participate in hosting events for NJ Makers Day 2016. Sites serve as the backbone of the NJ Makers Day event, in hosting programs, exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, or other hands-on interactive experiences in their communities.

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Promoting STEM Education Among Youths Is Verizon and NJ Governor's Jefferson Awards' Focus

Thomas Jefferson's ideal American was someone who was an "informed and involved citizen".  Each year, the NJ Governor's Jefferson Awards honors ordinary people from around the state who do their best to embody Jefferson's vision.  The Verizon Foundation, through its sponsorship of the Verizon Service Through STEM Award, promotes more citizens getting informed and involved in the four fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

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