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Qualified Innovation Partners

The following list of Qualified Innovation Partners was derived per the state's issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in the spring of 2013.  Having met the requirements necessary to be considered, each organization offers viable approaches to assisting school districts in their efforts to implement and sustain innovative instructional program approaches. Potential innovation partners are not limited to this list, and LEAs must comply with the statutory (N.J.S.A. 18A: 18A-4.1 et seq.) and regulatory (N.J.A.C. 5:34-4.1 et seq.) requirements in order to contract with any of the partners on the list.  

Alvo InstituteThe Alvo Institute provides customized design, implementation and professional development consulting services to help schools, districts and charter management organizations design and sustainably operate innovative 21st Century classrooms. Launched in 2009, Alvo was one of the first firms dedicated to blended instructional design, implementation, evaluation and professional development in the country. We help schools and districts Dream, Design and Deliver the most innovative blended learning and technology enhanced programs. Our team of experienced instructional designers, educators, esearchers, ed tech experts, and project managers guide clients in creating teacher led, data-driven and technology enhanced classrooms where every student can thrive. Learn more about our services at

2 Revolutions2Revolutions (2Rev) is a national education design lab that specializes in designing, launching and supporting Future of Learning models, and helping to catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive. 2Rev is currently working with forward-thinking states, districts, funders, organizations and entrepreneurs in 20+ states to design the Future of Learning.  To support its partners, 2Rev has developed a growing library of network-based design methodologies; a national TalentCloud™ of relevant expertise; and its online InspirED platform to provide seamless access to curated knowledge and blended supports for teams as they collaborate on the design of new models and systems.  Check us out at

AppleApple is pleased to have been selected as a Qualified Innovation Partner by the New Jersey Department of Education.  We have engaged with educators for over 30 years to explore and enhance the experience of teaching and learning, and our efforts have produced an engaging, personalized learning environment, where students are empowered to solve problems, collaborate, express their innate creativity, and discover their own special genius. We cordially invite you to put Apple's experience, commitment, and innovation to work for New Jersey's learners, teachers, and education communities. To learn more about the Apple Education ecosystem and how it's helping transform education, please visit

Education ElementsEducation Elements is a nationally recognized solutions company that helps districts and schools develop and implement personalized learning strategies. Our goal is to accelerate learning, improvement achievement, and increase student agency and engagement in a way that is sustainable for teachers. Our work is already improving outcomes for Race to the Top District Winners - such as Middletown NY and Iredell, NC - iPad districts – such as Horry County SC and large urban districts like Newark, DCPS and many others.  We create classrooms that inspire teaching and learning.

New ClassroomsNew Classrooms Innovation Partners (New Classrooms) is an independent, non-profit 510(c)3 organization that partners with existing schools to implement its personalized instructional model Teach to One: Math (Teach to One). In the 2013-14 school year, Teach to One has replaced the traditional textbook-based math instruction in 15 schools serving over 6,000 middle school students in NYC, Chicago, Washington, DC; Charlotte, NC; Perth Amboy, NJ; Elizabeth, NJ; and Newark, NJ. Teach to One uses resources from multiple classrooms combined into a redesigned space, to give each student a targeted, personalized learning experience. Students may work on their own, in small groups, and with teachers on different skills at the same time. How and what each student is learning and when is based on his or her personalized learning plan. These personalized learning plans are generated daily by a complex scheduling algorithm and teachers use these plans to personalize instruction based on each student's learning style and academic level. 

PearsonPearson is working to deliver real results that break through the challenges in education today. We partner with educators to develop new personalized ways of learning through effective, scalable assessment and instructional tools, enabled by innovative technology and supported by services. Together, we're improving learning outcomes and transforming lives. Learn more at