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innovateNJ: Initiatives

innovateNJ Initiatives are innovative programs and projects that are happening within New Jersey schools and districts with the support of the New Jersey Department of Education.

Redefining Special Education with Dancing Robots
and Google Hangouts


Innovative Initiatives

Coding Experience

During this summer Long Branch Public Schools organized a hands on coding experience for youth in the community. Long Branch Public School collaborated with AYF (American Youth Football) to schedule time during athletic practice in which students were able to learn the basics of coding. This was accomplished by LBPS utilizing a WIFI bus which brought technology to Manhasset Park. Throughout the month of August, LBPS staff provided students with a hands on coding experience three times a week. During each session approximately 60 to 70 youth football players and cheerleaders engaged in an experiences that taught them the basics of coding.

Child at a computerLaptop

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