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For Release: March 14, 2005

PLEASE NOTE, these internship programs are no longer available.

New Jersey Department of Education Announces Two Internship Programs

The Department of Education announced two non-paid internship programs for the upcoming year that will benefit college and graduate students. The Volunteer Summer Internship Program and Research Fellows Program will offer opportunities for students to gain practical experience in educational policy areas.

The Volunteer Summer Internship Program was launched in 2003 and operated in six department offices. Last year, the program was expanded to include opportunities throughout the entire state department.

The Research Fellows Program is an internship initiative provided by the DOE that will provide opportunities to doctoral candidates to conduct qualitative research and evaluative studies.

"The department is very excited to offer our Volunteer Summer Internship Program again this year in a manner that includes all department offices and expands upon the number of opportunities for interested college students," said Commissioner of Education William L. Librera. "We are equally pleased to also offer new opportunities to doctoral students this year through our Research Fellows Program. By expanding and creating more practical career development options for students in higher education, we are providing the necessary tools for them to become successful in their respective chosen professions," added Librera.

The Volunteer Summer Internship Program seeks to provide practical experience for interested college students who may have an interest in careers in education and/or state government. The program will also give college students insight into how education policy is developed and allow the selected interns to supplement their academic backgrounds with experience in policy analysis and program administration. At a minimum, applicants must demonstrate excellence in academic achievement, leadership capability, extracurricular activities or involvement in community service. First preference will be given to residents enrolled in New Jersey colleges and universities.

The Research Fellows Program will provide interns with opportunities involving policy areas such as the federal No Child Left Behind Act, "Abbott" implementation, Early Childhood education, the impact of smaller learning communities on student achievement, and many others. The program will provide an academic focus on departmental policies and programs to provide a research based context for departmental policy decisions and identify correlations between implementation activities and the progress made. At a minimum, applicants must be enrolled in a recognized doctoral degree program. Like the Volunteer Summer Internship Program, first preference will also be given to residents enrolled in New Jersey colleges and universities.

Interested students are encouraged to inquire with the DOE’s Chief of Staff Office for specific opportunities. For more information or to sign up for the program, please contact Lillian Terry at (609) 292-4442.

For more information regarding this release, please contact the Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.