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Part III of the College and Career Readiness Series

This is the final part of our series on college and career readiness.  In previous editions, we shared tips with families about how to support best practices which are used in classroom instruction, particularly in the areas of Language Arts Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).  In this edition, the New Jersey Department of Education's Commissioner Cerf addresses the department's commitment to support families displaced by Hurricane Sandy.  He also shares his passion about improving the quality of education in our state through various college and career readiness initiatives, and resources and tools for parents.

The quality of education that children receive during their K-12 schooling will determine how prepared they will be in the future.  Having options can help ensure that children are ready for life's challenges; it builds confidence that success is attainable.  Children need a great deal of support when preparing for college and career.  With that in mind, we aim to share information with families that help children stay on track.  To explore school choice options and learn more about education choices that are available to you, please click here.