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Science and Math Help is Just a Mouse Click Away

Created by:  Sue Sullivan, Office of Curriculum and Standards and Educational Technology

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are important subjects for families who want their children to be college and career ready.  While the NJDOE does not endorse any educational tools or web sites, we know that many parents looking to help their children in the STEM subjects have found that the free instructional videos from Sal Kahn can make a big difference. These videos support children in Mathematics, Science, and Humanities, and they are just a mouse click away.

Parents find that videos are simple, straightforward, topic oriented lessons, exercises and tests that can be played as often as needed. Each topic is clearly explained, allowing the student and family member to follow and replay as often as needed.  The web site is located here ( and the library of free resources is found here ( )  Math oriented topics range from basic addition to quadratic equations and calculus.  Other topics include banking, currency, biology, chemistry, physics and more. The library grows every day so families can return for new additions.

These videos grew out of a teacher’s desire to help children, and according to parents, they clearly work. They were originally developed in 2004 by academic Sal Kahn to help tutor his cousin Nadia who was struggling with math, but lived some distance away. Sal used the Internet to make the lessons accessible. Soon Sal made them available to others, and as the word spread, none other than Bill Gates used them to teach his son, Rory. The videos worked so well for Bill Gates, that he is now helping to fund the project.

As it is said, “Knowledge is nothing if not shared,” so we invite families to share instructional videos such as these with your children.