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Belleville High School

Belleville Senior High School
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Belleville, NJ 07109

Belleville is located in Essex County, bordering the towns of Newark, Bloomfield, Nutley and Lyndhurst. It is a total of 3.4 square miles. Originally know as the "Second River," but changed its name in 1797 to Belleville. Belleville is, today, a township richly endowed with a dynamic, culturally diverse population. In-addition, the township of Belleville is also known as the Cherry Blossom Capital of America

Belleville High School is a comprehensive public high school accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and the New Jersey State Department of Education. Detailed information about our mission statement, beliefs, goals, and objectives can be found on our web page at

Belleville High School serves approximately 1500 students in grades 9-12 and offers a diversified curriculum, which is designed to meet the educational needs of students of varying ability levels and different interests. A full academic program is offered with Honors, Academy and Advanced Placement courses in Art, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Social Studies, World Languages, Business Education, and Music. Students pursue an appropriate academic program, which is augmented by elective courses in business, career/technical arts, and visual/performing arts. The school day consists of 44-minute periods that meet between 7:57 AM and 2:31 PM 5 days per week.

In response to meeting the diverse interests and needs of high school students,
Belleville High School developed a rigorous and unique program of study emphasizing the core areas of mathematics and medical sciences with an infusion of technology.

The Academy of Engineering and Medical Sciences offers a curriculum unavailable to other high school students designed to nurture their inquisitive minds and challenge their academic horizons.

To graduate from Belleville High School and receive the State-endorsed Board of Education diploma, a student in the class of 2016 must meet the graduation requirement set by the NJ DOE, complete an Informational Research Paper, and earn 120 credits. The 120 credit requirement includes 20 in English, 20 in Physical Education/Health and Drivers Education, 5 in World History, 5 in US History 1, 5 in US History 2, 15 in Math, 15 in Science, 5 in World Languages, 5 in Visual/Performing Arts, 2.5 in Career &Consumer Education, Family Life Skills or Vocational Technical Education, 2.5 in Financial Literacy and 20 credits in Electives. Qualified students may also participate in Project Acceleration, a cooperative arrangement between Seton Hall University and Belleville High School.

The high school facilities include a fully equipped television studio. Students are afforded the opportunity to produce, direct, edit, and write daily TV programs. The station also provides cable access to the community on a regular basis.

For the school year 2015-16, Belleville High School has continued with some of our outstanding programs and clubs such as: Enrichment Wednesdays, ScIP, Staff Principal Advisory Committee, Student Principal Advisory Committee, Parent Principal Advisory Committee, Silent Sustained Reading Program, Professional Learning Communities, Peer Tutoring, after school SAT Prep classes, National Honor Society, Key Club, Peers Educating Peers Club, Literacy Club, Perfect Attendance Program, Family Careers, Community Leaders of America, and FBLA. In addition, BHS will continue to recognize students for their outstanding Academic and Athletic achievement with programs such as Student of the Month and Athlete of the week.

Our extra-curricular activities, musical opportunities, interscholastic athletics, and enrichment programs continue to provide students with diverse opportunities for exploring learning experiences and developing their talents. Students are extremely active in such programs as athletic teams, volunteer work, humanity work, community problem solving, environmental projects, dramatic productions, academic competitions, school publications, musical competitions, and class activities. These programs include: Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Cheerleading,
Boys and Girls Crew, Wrestling, Bowling, Baseball, Softball, Track, and Golf. Opportunities are also offered in Marching Band, Instrumental Music, Chorus, Dance, Drama, School Musicals, Yearbook, and many various club organizations. Many of our students have also been awarded and recognized for their talents and skills they have demonstrated through their co-curricular activities.

Finally, Belleville has a long and valuable tradition of providing quality education by a dedicated and caring administration, faculty, and staff that is committed to excellence. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the academic culture of our school as well as foster the development of our students into well rounded productive members of society. Among the 150 plus staff members assigned to the high school, many of them hold Master's and Doctoral Degrees. Many have pursued graduate work beyond the Master's Degree. Our Counselors assignments are made alphabetically with counselors assigned to the Special Education population. A Student Assistance Counselor (SAC), and an Anti-Bullying District Coordinator is employed by the district. At the high school, we have our own Anti Bullying Specialist and a proactive Anti-Bullying Team/Safety Team.

Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact:

Mr. Russell C. Pagano Jr., Principal
973-532-5012 x1601

Joseph Lepo, Assistant Principal, 973-532-5012 x1606 or

Joseph Rotonda, Assistant Principal, 973-532-5012 x1605 or

Daniel Sanacore, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, 973-532-5012 x1005 or

"All children can learn and we are going to find a way to teach them."