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Regional Achievement Centers

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Region 3

Ray Lindgren
Dr. Ray Lindgren is a math specialist at the NJDOE's Region 3 Regional Achievement Center. In his role he works with Priority and Focus Schools in Essex and Hudson Counties where mathematics has been identified as an area of needed improvement. Prior to joining the RAC, Dr. Lindgren was a teacher and school and central office administrator with the Newark Public Schools, and more recently was the Director for Educational Program Planning with the New Jersey Schools Development Authority. Dr. Lindgren earned a BA in mathematics from Montclair State University, an MS in mathematics from Purdue University, and an EdD in Public Administration from Rutgers University.  He is an avid fan of high school and college sports.
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Joanna MaccarioJoanna Maccario
Joanna Maccario serves as the Turnaround Coach for Regional Achievement Center 3. She provides leadership coaching for several school leaders in the RAC 3 priority and focus schools, the goal of which is centered on coaching for student results. After leading a school as a principal and serving as a Deputy Superintendent in New York City, she took on coaching leaders both at the Institute for Learning at University of Pittsburgh and later at the NYC Leadership Academy (then New Leaders). Joanna combines a set of coaching strategies including facilitative coaching, instructional coaching and transformational coaching, and her values that ground her coaching include a growth mindset, efficacy, appreciation of cultural diversity and coherence with the principal's vision for their school communities.