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Race To The Top Phase 3

LEA Amendment Process

Race to the Top 3 (RTTT3) LEA Amendment Process
LEAs must submit an amendment to their RTTT3 EWEG application if any of the following situations apply:

A. Programmatic change:

Any change to the currently approved scope of work (Project Area selection, Activity Plan, Timeline, etc)

*Please note that no change may be made that violates a parameter of the NGO.

B. Budget change:

Transfer of funds from one funded Project Area to another Project Area, regardless of dollar amount and affected year(s).

Transfer of funds within a funded Project Area to an unbudgeted line item, regardless of amount

Transfer of funds within a funded Project Area, among already budgeted line items, in excess of ten (10) percent of the entire grant allocation for all projects

Deletions, substitutions or additions to approved equipment (regardless of cost).

Transfer of funds within a funded Project Area from one project year to another.

All amendments must include:

A letter signed and dated by the Chief School Administrator (in pdf format) that:

Clearly outlines what project area is affected,

Describes what is being changed in each project area,

Explains the total dollar amount of the budget transfers,

Explains the rationale for making such changes

Describes the new plan to accomplish the project(s).

Label this document: Amendment (number) CSA LETTER (date)

If applicable:

A completed Budget Modification Request worksheet (only for those amendments involving changes in budgeted line items). The completed Budget Modification Request worksheet will reflect all summative changes to the Project Area budget(s) and must match the summative changes to the EWEG budget. The worksheet may be found on the NJDOE Grant’s webpage (under “Modifications”) at

Label this document: Amendment (number) BUDGET MODIFICATION WORKSHEET (date)

Revised Project Area budget templates (for those modifications that involve changes to budgeted line items, and/or timelines). The Project Area budget template(s) must match the EWEG budget detail. The budget template may be found here.

Label this document: Amendment (number) BUDGET MODIFICATION WORKSHEET (date)

 C. Procedure:

Below are the steps to complete the amendment process.

Before starting that process we ask that any district submitting an amendment request first email with the subject line “Amendment Request – District name, County-LEA Code.” Please in the body of the email give a proposed date you will submit the amendment materials for the request and summarize briefly your proposal for the request. 

*A confirmation email will be sent by the NJDOE. Then you may begin the amendment process.

Once confirmed:

 In EWEG, click on “Create Amendment”

Please note: When an amendment is created, a number is assigned by EWEG (i.e., amendment 1, amendment 2, etc). Use this number in the filename of every uploaded document associated with the particular amendment. For all EWEG uploads, please do not use parenthesis, or the # symbol in the actual file name, use the labels provided above and in this section.

Unlock the appropriate pages in the application using the PAGE REVIEW STATUS TAB. Make the appropriate changes (with adequate detail) within the program and budget tabs as necessary. If funds are being transferred between Project Areas, ensure that the Project Selection TAB is revised to reflect the revised amount for each Project Area.

Upload the Chief School Administrator letter to the UPLOAD TAB, labeled Amendment (number) CSA LETTER (date).

Upload the completed Budget Modification Summary Request Worksheet (if applicable) to the UPLOAD TAB, labeled Amendment (number) BUDGET MODIFICATION WORKSHEET (date).

Upload the Revised Project Area budget template(s) (if applicable) to the UPLOAD TAB, labeled Amendment (number) PA (number)(date).

Once completed in EWEG, run the consistency check. If there are no errors, hit the SUBMIT button. Amendments that have been created and not submitted cannot be reviewed by NJDOE.

If you have questions as to whether an amendment is necessary or not, you may send an e-mail inquiry outlining what you are proposing to do to with the following info in the subject:

“Amendment Process Question – District name, County-LEA Code”