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PARCC and Online Readiness

New Jersey and the Technology Readiness

New Jersey is no longer using PARCC's Technology Readiness Tool (TRT). NJDOE has procured a new technology readiness tool called NJTRAx. NJTRAx will assist in assessing the current status of infrastructure, technology and Internet connectivity at both a state and local level. Its intended use is to facilitate the movement towards digital learning and not just be a tool for gauging technology readiness for online assessments.  New Jersey testing sites (districts, charter schools, approved private schools for students with disabilities and state facilities) must update and maintain the information for each of their schools in NJTRAx.

Every district and New Jersey testing site is also required to supply contact information for a PARCC Coordinator and PARCC IT Contact in the NJDOE CDS system. Input instructions are available.

Tutorials and Webinars

Please go to NJTRAx to access the New Jersey Digital Learning Portal for online assessment and digital learning resources.

PARCC Field Test Administration Training. – January 2014

You will find a recording of  the PARCC Field Test Administration Training here.  This video, presented in Arkansas, is similar to our NJ presentations.

This video is segmented into 18 parts:

Parts 1 and 2 Arkansas site-specific information

Parts  3 -10 Technology Set up

Part  11 – 18 Test Administration

Please ignore any references to the paper-based field test, as New Jersey is only conducting a computer-based field test.

The PowerPoint from the New Jersey Pearson training sessions is available here.

Webinar on Online Readiness and NJTRAx – November 14, 2013
An introduction to the NJTRAx tool, a tutorial, and the request that all test sites update their data in NJTRAx was conveyed in the NJDOE webinar on Thursday, November 14, 2013.  A recording of the webinar is available at:

Webinar on Strategic Planning and PARCC's Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool - April 10, 2013
PARCC released an Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool.  NJDOE held a training webinar on April 10, 2013 regarding strategic planning and reviewed the Assessment Administration Capacity Planning Tool as one element to assist in the planning process.  A recording of the webinar is at:

Webinar on Online Readiness and PARCC's Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) - January 23, 2013

PARCC has added new fields to the TRT and introduced the readiness calculator. NJDOE held a training webinar on January 23, 2013 regarding these changes in the PARCC Technology Readiness Tool. Even though New Jersey LEAs are no longer required to maintain data in the PARCC Technology Readiness Tool, this webinar still contains useful information regarding technology readiness planning strategies for online assessments and digital learning.  A recording of the webinar is at