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The purpose of the Common Core Implementation Team (CCIT) is to establish a means for effective and efficient communication between the NJDOE and the individuals who have a critical role in implementing or supporting the changes necessary to achieve the outcomes of the Common Core State Standards.  Ideally, each district will submit the name of the superintendent, a curriculum supervisor, the business administrator, a principal, a teacher, a school board member and a parent.  The team is not expected to meet, complete any tasks or produce any reports.  They will simply serve as avenues of communication that connect people to the resources available through the NJDOE and the professional organizations that serve each group (NJASA, NJASCD, NJASBO, NJPSA, NJEA, AFT, NJSBA, NJPTA).

Superintendents will be notified of each communication, but will not be required to engage in any direct action in order to disseminate the information to those who may benefit from knowing of the availability of new resources or opportunities for training.

In short, the CCIT is intended to help superintendents by supporting their efforts to inform and engage each of their constituencies in the transition to the Common Core State Standards.  If you have any questions, please contact me at     

If you have not yet submitted names for the CCIT, I encourage you to do so. Please use the following link to submit names and emails for your team: