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May 2002 Elementary Proficiency Assessment (ESPA)

How To Interpret The Categories

The following is an explanation of how to interpret the categories of students presented in the following report. Please apply these rules as you read and interpret the report.

For each content area:

"General Education" excludes students coded as special education OR limited English proficient on their test booklet.

"Special Education" includes students coded as SE on their test booklet.

"Limited English Proficient" includes students coded as LEP on their test booklet.

"Total" includes all students tested who were not Void.

The "No. Tested" column excludes students' test booklets coded Void. If the number of students tested for a particular group was less than or equal to 10, no summary data are reported. Additionally, if the number of students tested in general education, special education or limited English proficient is equal to 1, and data for each of the other groups are displayed, no summary data are reported for "Total."