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Governor's School Security Task Force


The mission of the School Security Task Force is to further enhance the safety and security of New Jersey's public and nonpublic school students and, to the extent possible, develop standard benchmarks for education and law enforcement officials to help maintain consistency in school security protocols across a wide variety of safety and security challenges.

Effective school security protocols involve implementing successful prevention, preparedness, response and recovery practices to foster a positive school environment.

The Task Force will accomplish its mission by:

  • Including a cross-section of public and nonpublic school and law enforcement personnel across the state and, as needed, others with expertise in education and security.
  • Assessing the current status of school safety and security across the state.
  • Analyzing those areas in which security gaps exist and must be remediated.
  • Making recommendations regarding security practices to further enhance safety and security.
  • Directing implementation of security practices, when appropriate, that will further enhance student safety.

Law Enforcement and Education Officials Meet to Implement Recommendations of State's K-12 School Security Task Force

New Jersey K-12 School Security Task Force Report