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Mini-Conference IconThe purpose of this mini-conference is to provide a forum for school officials to interact and discuss safety and security issues with local emergency responders, and to address any procedural questions within your school safety and security plans.

To enhance state-wide communication and coordination between local law enforcement and educational officials, the Governor's School Security Task Force (GSSTF) in conjunction with each county prosecutor's office and county office of education will host a half-day school security mini-conference.

In addition, the Governor's School Security Task Force will present a "State-of-the-State" update on school preparedness.

Each mini-conference will include: State-of-State School Security , GSSTF update, statutes and guidance, a school preparedness update, "Changing face of school security", and local level information about the coordination and communication of how to enhance school safety and security.

Working with local law enforcement and emergency responders, and understanding the same language is of utmost importance in creating a safe community and school environment.