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M.O.S.S. Benchmarks

Benchmark Reference Guide with Examples of District Evidence

Printable Version of the M.O.S.S. District Benchmarks

LEA Section Benchmark/Action item
Includes information regarding planning process and district facilities
Benchmark #1: Create a district staff roster with emergency contact information (i.e. email or cell phone)
Benchmark #2: Develop a contact list with emergency responders and contact information

Deals with process for identifying and including the appropriate stakeholders in the planning process

Benchmark #3: Define or Confirm district-wide crisis response team
Benchmark #4: Create district chain of command

Target Hardening
Examines prevention & mitigation strategies based on identified hazards

Benchmark #5: Define and Assess your district's top 5 hazards
Benchmark #6: Assess, define, and/or update procedures regarding Main Office's communication capability with all classrooms

Outlines the required protocols for communication and crisis procedures that need to be carried out during an emergency

Benchmark #7: Create or revise your communication procedures with parents during an emergency
Benchmark #8: Create a policy or protocols for accounting for students during a crisis

Tools & Resources
Identifies tools that are required to be distributed and used by districts during an emergency

Benchmark #9: Provide confirmation that your plan has been disseminated to local law enforcement
Benchmark #10: Provide evidence that each classroom has an emergency response guide
Mental Health
Identifies protocols for recovering from a crisis
Benchmark #11: Define how you will provide post traumatic service to student and staff.
Benchmark #12: Identify the person, position, and/or department that will responsible for the review and update of the SSSP annually.
Benchmark #13: Assign, train, conduct an annual in-service training for all faculty and staff.