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NJDOE Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning (OSPEP)
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To request any trainings or services please complete a Service Request form and submit it to the OSPEP Unit via fax or e-mail. All requests will be reviewed and approved based upon priority and staffing availability.

Resources provided at the NJDOE School Security Drill Workshops
The department offered 10 regional trainings that provided information on the new school security drill law, 18A:41-1, that went into effect on November 1st, 2010.  The sessions concentrated on an overview of the law, along with guidance on meeting the requirements of the law through the implementation of various drills throughout the course of the year.

First Observer: School Bus Driver Training
This FREE online training for school bus drivers focuses on situations specific to them. The training includes recommendations and guidance on morning checks and equipment inspection. Raises awareness for drivers to observe, assess and report suspicious activity at scheduled stops and evasive protective actions to employ.

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