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a. NJDOE Office of School Preparedness & Emergency Planning Service Request Form
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To request any trainings or services please complete a Service Request form and submit it to the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning via fax or e-mail. All requests will be reviewed and approved based upon priority and staffing avialabiliy.

Crisis & Emergency Planning Development
This presentation will provide valuable information for school personnel in the development of emergency management plans focusing on the four stages of crisis management: Mitigation/Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery.
School Safety & Security Manual: Best Practices Guidelines- 2nd Generation
The New Jersey Department of Education disseminated a School Safety Manual: Best Practices Guidelines to all school districts in September 2004 in order to provide guidance with all hazards planning and to establish plans, procedures and mechanisms for responding to emergencies and crises. This workshop is an overview of the updated, revised manual that includes additional comprehensive information on current school safety and security hot topic issues and concerns.

Pandemic Influenza Planning
In this course training participants will receive information on aspects of pandemic influenza planning and what schools need to know with regard to the following topics: Influenza 101, Avian Influenza, Governmental Preparedness and Roles, Preparing School Districts, Continuity of Student Learning and Core Operations, Communication Planning, Recovery and The Roles of Schools.


Training Event / Presentation
Members of the NJDOE OSPEP Team will customize a presentation or training event specific to the safety and security needs of a particular school or district.

Safety & Security Plan Review
Members of the NJDOE OSPEP Team will review school or district safety and security plans. Guidance and recommendations will be provided in order to achieve optimum crisis management planning and safety& security initiatives to meet the challenges and scope of all hazards planning.

Site Visit & Inspection of Facilities
Members of the NJDOE OSPEP Team will conduct an on-site walk through school security tour of your facility to assess target hardening initiatives (i.e., school building access, visitor policies and sign in procedures, deliveries, transportation security, vehicular access & parking, interior and exterior building evaluation).

School Security Briefing
Designed for delivery at a meeting, training, conference or in-service, where members of the NJDOE OSPEP Team will provide a condensed informational briefing on current or evolving school security issues and trends.

School Security Roundtable
Schools or districts will be able to ask NJDOE staff questions about school safety & security enhancements or program initiatives.