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New Jersey Adult Education

GED® E-Transcript FACT Sheet

What is an E-Transcript?

This report is an alternate official transcript which can be printed on plain paper.  It replaces the previous transcript format because it can be delivered electronically via the web, email, or by fax.  The security features of this transcript enable it to be printed on plain white paper without signatures, seals, or other security-oriented devices.  Thus it is acceptable to send copies of the transcript by fax or email and the copies received are still considered “official”.  The E-Transcript can be delivered directly to examinees via the web if they registered before testing online or if they receive their Access Code.

How Can We Verify the E-Transcript is Authentic?

Each E-transcript contains a unique Transcript Verification Code in the upper right hand section of the document.  The receiver of the E-Transcript can use this code and the provided web address ( to verify the authenticity of the document presented. It is the responsibility of the GED examinee to provide their verification code number.

How Does It Work?

E-Transcripts offer GED examinees complete control over their own records through direct access to their GED transcript.  It takes just a few minutes to download and print their transcript; they can then send or take their transcript to schools, employers, the military and others as they choose.  The receiver then verifies the paper transcript using the verification number listed in the upper right hand corner.  If all information matches the information on the screen, then verification is complete.

How Can This Help Students, Institutions, Employers or The Military?

The E-Transcript eliminates mailing, processing time, and any additional expenses associated with the traditional transcript process.

What About Security?

The E-Transcript is encrypted so it can not be tampered with by anyone.  It is far more secure than previous version and unless the GED re­cipient allows someone else to use their access code, no other person will be able to get into the system.

What About Cost?

The E-Transcript is provided by the New Jersey Department of Education absolutely free of charge to the GED recipient.