New Jersey Adult Education

GED Policy Reminders

Official changes in GED test records are authorized only for  misspellings or typographical errors

The Bureau of Adult Education and Family Literacy/GED is unable make the name change as requested. The name as it appears on the originally issued document may not be altered to reflect a requested change in name or marital status. The Department of Education will however make corrections for spelling errors encountered within six months of the issuance of the original document. Alterations to the existing documents and data would negatively impact our ability to cross reference historical data as archived in our database regarding GED testing data.

Substantiating academic credentials for those who seek to undertake name changes is incumbent upon the individual through presentation of supporting documentation such as court issued documents, marital/divorce documents, birth records, etc. GED testing records must be maintained in the name of the individual as presented at the time of testing.

We are providing the official documentation supporting existing academic credentials in the name under which these academic records are currently archived. If you have further questions, please contact our office.