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Keeping Our Kids Safe, Healthy & In School

External Organization Profile

2017-2019 External Organization Profile List

County: Organization: Contact Name Email Address Website
Camden, Gloucester, and Salem counties Archway Programs (Just Kids Program) Lorin Powell, Director of Just Kids
Essex Arts for Kids Inc. Vincent Ector, Executive Director 
Essex FOCUS Hispanic Center for Community Development, Inc. Lucy S. Dominguez, Chief Financial Officer
Essex NJ Leep Deb Ellis, Director of Operations
Essex The Bridge Inc. Kristina Inya Chehade, CEO
Essex United Community Corporation Craig Mainor, Executive Director 
Mercer Kidsbridge Tolerance Center Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director
Middlesex Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen Krista Glynn, Service Area Director Child Care
Middlesex Civic League of Greater New Brunswick C. Roy Epps, President/CEO
Middlesex NCADD of Middlesex County Inc. (D/B/A Wellspring Center for Prevention) Ezra Helfand, Executive Director/CEO ezra.helfand@ 
Union Impact 21 Community Development Corporation Juanita J. Daly, Executive Director
Statewide New Jersey Audubon Dale Rosselet, Vice President for Education
Statewide NJSACC: The Statewide Network for New Jersey's Afterschool Communities Diane Genco, Executive Director