The NJDOE recognizes that healthy students are better learners. The department supports school health policies and practices that address the physical, social, and emotional needs of students.  Recognizing that education cannot achieve this alone, the department works with other state agencies to support the implementation of statutes and regulations designed to promote student and staff wellness.  In collaboration with school health experts, the department identifies promising practices and research to support school health programs

Recently Passed Legislation

P.L. 2012, c.5 - Establishes standards of practice for providers of clinical nursing services for medically fragile students.

Resolution to Adopt the Department of Human Services Directory of Clinical Nursing Service Providers for Medically Fragile Students

Approved Providers list per P.L. 2012, c.5 at NJMMIS
(Select “Home Care Provider” under Provider Type or “Home Health Agency” under Provider Specialty.)