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edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System

edConnect NJ FAQ

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School Information Systems (SIS):

Q: Will edConnect NJ integrate with my local school information system (SIS)? 
(ex. PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Genesis)
A: Yes, the edConnect NJ will work with your SIS. A specification document will be provided to each district. We will work with each district to extract the proper reports needed to populate edConnect.

Q: How often will districts report to edConnect NJ?
A: Reports will be scheduled on a nightly basis in order to provide the edConnect NJ and educators the most up-to- date information and make the system most effective for their use.

Q: What are the specs/fields of each report needed?
A: The specs will be distributed at the time of data engagement with your district. If you would like to view before please email Those districts implementing edConnect NJ this fall '14 will receive this information in late spring.

Q: Will this replace possible reporting and Data Analysis in NJSMART that is under development or will it be separate from NJSMART?
A: Reporting twice a year will remain in NJSMART edConnect NJ will receive data from NJSMART for longitudinal assessment scores to provide this in a student profile for appropriate viewing.

Data Security:

Q: Is all district edConnect NJ data stored in the cloud?
A: Yes, Pearson will be storing all data on its secure servers. We understand securing data is extremely important. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure secure data at all times.

Q: Is our data securely encrypted on your servers and while it's in use by our users?
A: Data is securely encrypted at all times on the servers.

Q: Is our data separated from other districts?
A: Data is separated from other districts. Only your district and system administrators at the NJDOE can access your district data.

Q:  Who has local-user access control of our data?
A: The district can set permissions, and if you give the ability, principals can set access. Therefore teachers only see data for the students assigned to them, principals have a school view and district assigned staff will have access to all district data.

Q: Do you have activity monitoring policies in place?
A: We do have monitoring policies in place and in case there are any issues, they can be identified.


Q: What instructional resources will be available through edConnect NJ?
A: edConnect NJ will link directly with The NJ Educator Resource Exchange ( Over 2,000 instructional, assessment, and professional development resources will be available. In addition, through two separate contracts, the NJDOE will be populating the assessment bank with 3,000 items for both Mathematics and English Language Arts (also translated into Spanish).


Q: How are results from paper forms entered into edConnect NJ?
A: The results from paper forms of assessments are scanned through a machine via plain paper or OMR scanning.

Q: Are PARCC-like test items available in the test bank for the test builder?
A: We have contracted with two vendors to provide PARCC-like items. These items will be as close to PARCC as possible given the public information released at this time.

Q: Can teacher-created questions be "tagged" to standards for data analysis?
A: All tests, lessons, and resources on edConnect will be able to be tagged to standards for analysis.

Q: What format does a test need to be in to upload a test, and can the uploaded questions also be tagged?
A: A test can be uploaded in multiple formats (word, pdf) or created within the system manually. If assessments are already in an electronic test bank, we can work to transfer those into the edConnect.

Q: Will we be responsible for importing PARCC assessment data or will you be importing that data for us?
A: At this time we have not received enough information from PARCC. We will update you when we receive more information.


Q: Will you be providing a training module for teachers?  Will this be electronic or through a person?
A: Training will be provided by the NJDOE and Pearson to district trainers. District trainers will then train individual teachers are also on-demand training modules available at all times within edConnect NJ.


Q: Will we have to use all of the components of the system?  For example, do we have to use the lesson planning component?
A: edConnect NJ will provide the three components. We feel that the integrated nature allows the tool the most impact for educators, though there is no requirement to use all parts.