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Ed. Tech.

edConnect New Jersey
NJ's Instructional Improvement System


Who is eligible for edConnect NJ?

Through a cooperative purchasing agreement, the cost of edConnect is heavily subsidized due to state funding and whole sale contract pricing.

We are currently offering no-cost enrollment to all LEAs through June 30, 2016. Some SIS vendors may charge their own data integration fee.

Districts presently enrolled in edConnect or with a signed letter of Intent to Implement by April 1, 2016 are eligible for the following for 16-17 SY:

  • Funding thru IIS NGO #3 going live early April 2016, only RTTT3 grant recipients are eligible to apply
  • $2.83/per student for 16-17 (IIS NGO #3 recipients are not eligible for this subsidy)

Districts that sign an Intent to Implement after April 1, 2016 will receive subscription pricing of $3.83 per student for 16-17 SY.

Slight increases may be seen in 17-18, but the DOE is committed to remain around $4.00/student for the life of the program.

If there are further questions about paying for the IIS as an LEA please email