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Educational Technology

A Recommendation for SCHOOL DISTRICTS


NJ TAP-IN LogoThe NJ Department of Education’s (NJDOEs) Office of Academic Standards and the Office of Educational and Information Technology work together to provide school districts with assistance on integrating technology into the curriculum. 

Title II-D: Enhancing Education through Technology of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requires that all students are technologically literate by the end of grade eight.  Complimenting the federal law, the NJDOE’s Technological Literacy Standards, specifically the 8.1 Computer and Information Literacy Standards, provide standardized criteria for technological literacy across the state.

The Educational Technology Curriculum Committee (ETCC), facilitated by the NJDOE, developed an implementation plan, resources, and a chain of assistance that supports each school district in implementing the standards and meeting the federal government’s requirement that every student will be technologically literate by the end of grade eight. The committee targeted the implementation plan to the K-8 population of students. 

This implementation plan is called  NJTAP-IN (Technology Assessment for Proficiency and Integration).  It is a recommendation—ONLY!  Each of the tools and implementation strategies that are available to districts for assessing the number of students proficient in Computer and Information Literacy are recommendations.  A district may choose any tool to assess the students, but must report the number of students at the end of eight grade that are technologically proficient.


1. NJTAP-IN General Information

  1. Brochure - Developed as a tri-fold for legal-sized paper. Set printer for legal-sized paper
  2. Summary

2. NJTAP-IN Details

  1. NJTAP-IN’s Implementation Plan*
  2. Evaluation Tools
  1. Fourth Grade Checklist of Skills*
  2. Student Readiness Rubric
  3. NJTAP-IN General Rubric
  4. Student Friendly Grade 5-8 Rubric*
  5. Classroom-based Recording tool*

* Items available directly through NJDOE only

  1. Supportive Tools for Evaluating Students
  1. Skills Array
  2. Scope and Sequence
  3. Horizontal Design – sorted by 8.1 Standard
  4. Crosswalk – sorted by all core curriculum content standards
  5. Computer and Information Literacy Frameworks

3. Technological Literacy Integration Systems

  1. Request for Information (RFI)
    For vendors only
  2. Products that meet the criteria of a technological literacy integration system

4. List of NJTAP Pilot Districts

5. Other Resources

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  2. Other Assessment options
  3. Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
For additional assistance contact the Educational Technology Unit at 609-292-1414