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Title I

Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Monitoring and Reporting

New Jersey Department of Education
Office of Student Achievement and Accountability

Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Monitoring and Reporting
(as of November, 2009)

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires states to evaluate the services of approved supplemental educational services (SES) providers.  The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE), in cooperation with the applicable school districts, is required to do the following:

  • Monitor the quality and effectiveness of the services offered by approved SES providers annually.
  • Withdraw approval from providers that do not meet the following criteria:
  • For two consecutive years, contribute to increased academic proficiency of the students to whom they provide services.
  • Meet other eligibility requirements or assurances.
  • Please note that after not meeting the standards for one school year, a provider must submit a corrective action plan to the NJDOE for approval. 

Monitoring Process
The following are components of the SES provider monitoring process:

  • SES Provider Annual Report summarizing the progress of all students that the provider served with SES;
  • On-site visits conducted by the NJDOE to selected SES providers;
  • State assessment results of students receiving SES services to evaluate academic proficiency;
  • Compliance and Safety Investigation Reports; and
  • Through the Annual Title I District Performance Report, district feedback on each provider that served eligible students including input from parents, students, and teachers.

District Evaluations
Districts evaluate the performance of their SES providers using an on-line form built into the NJDOE Entitlement Web-Enabled Grant (EWEG) data collection system as part of the Title I Performance Report.  Districts supply data to track the number of students who were served during the school year (project period September 1 to August 31) and rate each SES provider that served district students using a series of indicators and questions.  The results of the survey enable the NJDOE to determine compliance with SES requirements and student academic progress of the various SES providers that participated in the provider program during the project period.  Information about this survey is distributed to districts incorporated with instructions for the Title I Performance Report.

Provider Evaluations
As part of the evaluation process, each approved SES provider in New Jersey offering services during a project period must complete an on-line SES Provider Annual Report that includes information on SES program implementation, SES instructor qualifications, data on districts served, and assurances and authorization to continue as an approved provider. 
Active providers submit the following documents: 

  • SES Provider Assurances and Authorization for Continued Services (required)
  • Final Summary Progress Report (a copy of the final progress report the SES agency submitted to each district summarizing the progress of all students served).  Reports must include, at a minimum, student ID and pre- and post-test results. (required)
  • Sample of a completed student Individual Learning Plan (ILP) (required)
  • Evidence of financial viability (required)
  • SES Provider Information Summary revisions and requests for changes significant in scope (required if applicable).
  • Discipline/behavior policy (optional)
  • Attendance policy (optional)


  • Providers are evaluated by districts/schools, parents, teachers, and students who used their SES services during the previous project period. 
  • Providers are evaluated through an analysis of “proficiency” of students they served using the state assessments. 
  • The complaint process is also used to trigger site visits.  The complaint form may be accessed at:
  • Providers receiving unsatisfactory evaluation results receive a site visit by the NJDOE.  Determinations are made regarding continued approval on the New Jersey SES provider list.