Governor Christie: Formula 1 New Jersey Grand Prix coming in 2013


Governor Chris Christie: Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to New Jersey. Happy to have you all here. I will not mention all the distinguished officeholders who we've already mentioned except to say thank you to all of you for being here. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts for making New Jersey the center of attention in many ways. I want to thank Leo for his extraordinary hard work and his vision in putting this together. It's great to be able to see that in June of 2013 Formula 1 will be here for three days, a 3.2 mile road race right here, the Port Imperial and the Palisades in West New York and Weehawken. You can expect upwards of a hundred thousand people to attend each race over the three days beginning with practice on Friday, the qualifier on Saturday, and then the race on Sunday. And people from all over the world will be coming to New Jersey to see this race on this unique and exciting course that is a part of our state, and this will provide extraordinary benefits to our state not just economically but once again to prove to everyone that the New Jersey comeback has begun and is in full tilt as we speak. It's not just this that's an example of that. New Jersey remains a leader in hosting all types of national and internationally known sporting and entertainment events. The NCAA tournament just last year in Newark, the Prudential Center, the Ironman Triathlon in August 2012 and of course Super Bowl XLVIII which is coming here to the Meadowlands in 2014. We have taken the steps necessary to solidify New Jersey as a leading destination for sports and entertainment events, and those efforts are producing real results which you can see here today and economic benefit which you'll see in the future. So I want to thank Mayor Roque and Mayor Turner and the county executive in particular for their efforts. I want to thank, as I said, Leo Hindery and I want to thank Jon Hanson, the chairman of the Hanson commission. You know you're important when you're the chairman of a commission that has your name on it. Of course I named it Jon, I'm no dummy. I want to keep Hanson working for nothing so we mention his name as much as we possibly can. I want to thank Jon Hanson and the members of the Hanson Commission for providing the incredible support to attract this type of event to our state and from my own staff I want to thank my policy chief Wayne Hasenbalg who has been in the lead in the Governor’s Office on this effort and Wayne has done an extraordinary job and really committed to making sure that the Governor’s Office brought every resource necessary to be able to land this great event both now and in the future. Lastly, I want to thank my partners in the Legislature here, Senator Stack, Senator Sacco, Senator Cunningham for their support. Once again this is another example of what New Jersey can do when we work together. You know, when the Grand Prix comes here in June of 2013 they are not going say it's a Republican Grand Prix or a Democratic Grand Prix they are going to say it's the New Jersey Grand Prix. They’re not going to care about political parties. They’re going to worry about getting things done. We've gotten things done here. That's why this event is coming here and it's because we're working together to make New Jersey a better place putting aside partisan differences to make sure that everyone is working for the people who hired us to do these jobs. So, I can assure the people from Formula 1 that they are going to have warm and welcoming hosts, that you're going have great crowds here to watch your event and that this is going to be one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made to come and to hold this event right here in New Jersey. So, thank you everybody.
Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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