New Jersey Registered Voters Encouraged To Vote Early At Their County Elections Office

  • Friday, November 2, 2012
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Trenton, NJ – The Christie Administration is encouraging New Jersey voters to take advantage of the extended weekend hours at New Jersey’s county elections offices to cast their vote before Election Day. Registered New Jersey voters can vote in-person by visiting their county clerk’s office no later than 3 pm Monday.  Once they receive a ballot from their clerk’s office, voters will be able to complete their ballot and immediately deliver it to their county board of elections office. In a directive issued yesterday by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, county election offices are to remain open, at a minimum, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm beginning November 2 until November 5, and are to take all reasonable measures to inform voters of the extended hours.

“The extent of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction is impossible to fully describe,” said Lt. Governor Guadagno, who serves as Secretary of State and is responsible for overseeing the Division of Elections. “For many New Jerseyans, the hurricane’s impact may have made Election Day the last thing on their minds, but we want to make voting as easy as possible considering the devastating circumstances. Despite the devastation that surrounds many of our citizens, we are committed to upholding and honoring our nation’s ideals and having an open and transparent election.”

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The following is a list of county clerks and board of elections office phone numbers in each county.

County Clerk                                        609- 641-7867
Superintendent of Elections              609-343-2245
Board of Elections                               609-645-5867

County Clerk                                        201-336-7073
Superintendent of Elections              201-336-6100
Board of Elections                               201-336-6225

County Clerk                                        609-265-5122
Superintendent of Elections              609-265-5111
Board of Elections                               609-265-5062

County Clerk                                        856-225-7219
Superintendent of Elections              856-661-3555
Board of Elections                               856-401-8683

County Clerk                                        609-465-1013
Commissioner of Registration          609-465-1050
Board of Elections                               609-465-1050

County Clerk                                        856-453-4860
Commissioner of Registration          856-453-5801
Board of Elections                               856-453-5801

County Clerk                                        973-621-4921
Superintendent of Elections              973-621-5061
Board of Elections                               973-621-5071

County Clerk                                        856-853-3241
Superintendent of Elections              856-384-4500
Board of Elections                               856-384-4500

County Clerk                                        201-369-3470
Superintendent of Elections              201-369-7791
Board of Elections                               201-369-3435

County Clerk                                        908-788-1214
Commissioner of Registration          908-788-1190
Board of Elections                               908-788-1190

County Clerk                                        609-989-6998
Superintendent of Elections              609-989-6750
Board of Elections                               609-989-6522

County Clerk                                        732-745-3827
Commissioner of Registration          732-745-3471
Board of Elections                               732-745-3471

County Clerk                                        732-431-7790
Superintendent of Elections              732-431-7780
Board of Elections                               732-431-7150

County Clerk                                        973-285-6059
Superintendent of Elections              973-285-6715
Board of Elections                               973-285-8350

County Clerk                                        732-929-2018
Commissioner of Registration          732-929-2167
Board of Elections                               732-929-2167

County Clerk                                        973-225-3632 ext 500 or 501
Superintendent of Elections              973-881-4515
Board of Elections                               973-881-4527

County Clerk                                        856-935-7510 Ext. 820
Commissioner of Registration          856-935-7510 ext. 8330
Board of Elections                               856-935-7510 ext. 8330

County Clerk                                        908-231-7013
Commissioner of Registration          908-231-7084
Board of Elections                               908-231-7084

County Clerk                                        973-579-0900
Commissioner of Registration          973-579-0950
Board of Elections                               973-579-0950

County Clerk                                        908-527-4996/4997
Commissioner of Registration          908-527-4123
Board of Elections                               908-527-4123

County Clerk                                        908-475-6211
Commissioner of Registration          908-475-6313
Board of Elections                               908-475-6313

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