Gov. Christie: Every Day That Someone Is Deprived Of Liberty For No Reason Is A Crisis


Governor Christie: Some will argue that this is not a crisis. To me every day that someone fears for their life on our streets is a crisis. To me every day that someone is deprived of their liberty in a jail for no reason is a crisis. And I suspect that if it were your mother or father, your son or daughter, your sister or brother, who felt the graveness of that violent threat or sat unjustly in a jail cell that it would be a crisis for you. I come here and ask you to come here today to suggest to you that as elected officials in this state, if it would be a crisis for us as a mother or a father or a husband or a wife, then it is a crisis for us as elected officials who are the only ones who can bring change to this system. The individuals affected by it cannot bring that change. Prosecutors cannot bring that change. Defense attorneys cannot bring that change. And under our system, not even judges can bring that change. And that is appropriately so, these changes are serious. And when they are to be made, they should be made by those people who are elected and therefore accountable to the people who these changes will affect. And so I don’t come here lightly today and don’t ask you to come here lightly today. But everybody this is our responsibility, there is no one else to pass this one off to. This is something that we need to do and is long overdue.
Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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