Acting Governor Guadagno Announces Liscio’s Bakery in Glassboro to Grow in New Jersey


Partnership for Action Helps Family-Run Bakery Add 71 New Jobs, Continue Twenty-Year Legacy in Garden State

Trenton, NJ – Acting Governor Guadagno today announced that Liscio’s Bakery has committed to staying and growing in New Jersey with an expanded facility in Glassboro that will create 71 new jobs and retain 176 at-risk jobs.

Liscio’s Bakery was founded in January of 1994 by James Liscio and has three bakery locations.  The company had outgrown its current 30,000-square-foot production facility located in Glassboro, and company officials began looking to expand in either New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

“Liscio’s Bakery is a great example of how businesses can continue to grow and flourish in the Garden State,” said Acting Governor Guadagno. “The Partnership for Action’s efforts help ensure that businesses find the resources and support they need to achieve success.  We congratulate Liscio’s on its expansion and look forward to its continued presence in New Jersey.”

In May of 2012, representatives from the Business Action Center (BAC) and Economic Development Authority (EDA) met with executives to discuss the project and provide information on available state programs.  In August of 2013, EDA and BAC met again with Liscio’s to get an updated project scope for a move to a facility, which involved a larger capital investment.  Acting Governor Guadagno also personally met with company executives. 

In February of 2014, EDA awarded Liscio’s Bakery a Grow NJ Award worth an estimated $13.5 million over 10 years tied to the retention of 176 at-risk jobs and the creation of 71 new jobs.  The company will make an estimated capital investment of $15 million in a new 100,000-square-foot facility.

“We are happy to grow here in South Jersey,” said Mr. Chad Vilotti, co-owner of Liscio’s Bakery. “We look forward to staying close to our families and employees, and striving to become one of the premier bakeries in South Jersey by the end of this project.”

Liscio’s Bakery is famous for its selection of fresh breads, rolls, pastries, cookies and cakes.  Its products can be found at its bakery locations as well as many grocery stores and restaurants throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Businesses considering a move or in need of assistance are encouraged to call New Jersey's Business Action Center at (866) 534-7789 or visit the State's Business Portal at

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Question: If somebody lands in your state…

Governor Christie: You’re going to give me a hypothetical?

Question: …coming from Western Africa and they’ve been in the Ebola region, what will happen to them now?

Nothing different than what’s happened before if they’re just a traveler. They will get screened as normal and the CDC and the Department of Health will make decisions about what to do from there. The different policy that we laid out on Friday above and beyond what the federal government has required is that if you are a healthcare worker who has come in direct contact with someone who has the Ebola virus, you will be screened and be quarantined.

Question: (inaudible)

Governor Christie: Excuse me. Let me finish the question because you guys always jump ahead and then you don’t listen, so listen. Okay. If you are screened and you are asymptomatic, you can be allowed then to go to your home, travel to your home, whether it’s in New Jersey, New York or someplace else in the country and be quarantined for 21 days there. If you are symptomatic, you will be quarantined in a hospital in New Jersey until we can find out whether you have the virus or not. As happened with this nurse from Maine, she was symptomatic. She had a fever. She was sent to University Hospital. CDC thought it was a serious enough situation that they ordered an Ebola test. The test came back. It was negative. We waited 24 hours until she had no further symptoms and today she’s on her way home back to Maine where she will complete the 21 day quarantine in her home. That’s the policy Governor Cuomo and I laid out on Friday. It’s the policy that has been instituted since that time that dealt with the woman from Maine and will deal with anybody else who is a healthcare worker who has direct contact with someone who has the Ebola virus. There has been no change. No difference. That’s the policy and that’s the way it continues to be. And by the way, the state of Florida, the state of Illinois, the state of Maryland, the state of Virginia, all since we’ve shown leadership, have now adopted that plan.

Question: Are you suggesting that the federal government didn’t show the necessary leadership?

Governor Christie: What I’m suggesting is that I and Governor Cuomo were both unsatisfied with what the CDC was doing. That’s why we made the announcement and steps we took on Friday. We need to lead on this. Governor Scott is leading on this in Florida. We’ve led on it in New Jersey and we’re going to continue to do exactly the same thing.

Question: Has politics played a role in the response to Ebola?

Governor Christie: Of course not. What plays a role in Ebola is the protection of public health and I have the obligation as does Governor Scott have the obligation to protect, first and foremost, the health and safety of our citizens. That’s the only basis you make this decision on and no politics has played a role in any of that with either of us.

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Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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