Gov. Christie: I’m Preaching To The Choir Today So You’ll Sing About This Issue


Governor Christie: The fact that you’re here tells me that I’m preaching to the choir. I mean you know most people think that’s a waste of time right? That old phrase, oh, he’s just preaching to the choir. I had a Lutheran minister years ago teach me what preaching to the choir really meant. He said, yup, I preach to the choir, I plead guilty to preaching to the choir. He said I preach to the choir so they’ll sing. Then I understood the value of preaching to the choir. I’m preaching to the choir today so you’ll sing, so you’ll sing to your friends and your family, so you will sing to your coworkers and your neighbors, so you will sing to everybody in your life about this issue. That you will leave here committed to getting rid of the stigma, you will leave here committed to pushing politically for what we need, which is a national effort to save lives. That you will leave here singing about the fact that every life is an individual gift from God no matter what condition we find that life in. If you do that, then I’ve done my job, because no Governor, no President can do this by themselves. The AIDS epidemic was slowed because America said stop, not because a President or a Governor did. This pandemic of death from addiction will only be stopped when the American people say enough, enough of our children dying. Leave here today and be committed to that in every way that you can be, and I’ll be committed to you that I will spend each minute I have available to me as Governor and all the time I have after that trying to make sure that this issue remains right in the front until we find a way to help to solve it. So thanks for being here today I appreciate it very much.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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