Gov. Christie: This Project Is Improving The Quality Of Life For Our Residents


Governor Christie: Today, we’re standing in front of a roadway that I travel on every day, from my home in Mendham to the Statehouse in Trenton. This is a $6 million Route 202 resurfacing project. This project is just one example of the many projects that are going on around the state where these tax dollars are at work in improving the quality of life for our residents. So people will see the changes beginning here on Route 202 in terms of resurfacing this road and making it a higher quality road for people to travel on every day and as I can tell you travelling on it every day myself, a lot of folks use this road every day and they’re going to see the improvement from it. While our state maintained pavement has a 67 percent acceptable rate, which is up from 47 percent when I took office, we need to do more to reach our goal to reach an 80 percent acceptable rate on our roadways across the state. Moving forward this project not only benefits Hunterdon County, specifically the Raritan, Readington, and Branchburg areas here on Route 202, it’ll improve the lifespan of the travel lanes by correcting existing conditions on the roadway. So in total, the resurfacing will cover nine miles, with 36 lane miles being paved, further enhancing our pavement preservation efforts on a road that, as I said is busily traveled, 35-40 thousand cars a day travelling on Route 202. To minimize impact on traffic and the driving public, the road improvement work is being done at night, and I’m very pleased to say we’re making great progress on it as you can see from travelling the road. So when you think in the critical nature of TTF and the projects like the Route 202 resurfacing and many more that we’re going to be highlighting over the course of the next number of weeks, this not only makes things better for our commuting public but it creates jobs and helps our state’s economy by getting people to work and we’re very excited about that as well. So this $400 million tranche will then be added to the $2 billion that you’ll see in Fiscal Year 2018 beginning on July 1st. So it will help our commuters, it will help our citizens who work in this industry, and it will help New Jersey’s economy. So I want to thank the folks behind me for their hard work, DOT, Commissioner Hammer, and others have worked extraordinarily hard to make sure that this program got moved, and moved quickly, and that we went to shovel ready projects that were ready to go and are out, and as the 202 project, already underway. Thank the folks in the private sector as well for stepping up to the plate and working with us to get these projects moving quickly. The public will notice the difference and this is what this plan has all been about and why I pushed for the $400 million supplemental in the first place. 


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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