Gov. Christie: The Single Most Powerful Thing That You Have Are Your Voices And Your Stories

  • Friday, May 5, 2017
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Deb Len: But I strongly feel that these children and the parents, I mean because when we lost Zach, I was naïve. I really was. When he went, when he came to me and his words to me were, Mom, I screwed up and he went to detox and he went down to Florida for 30 days and he came back I thought, ok we’re good. We’re done. Obviously that was not the case. He detoxed several more times, not really sure how many and the last time he got out of Carrier he was going to leave for Texas later in the week and two days later we came home and we found him. I don’t really remember much of that night. I remember being on the floor with him, I remember my daughter’s face when she saw me on the floor with her brother. I didn’t know about City of Angels and I found out about City of Angels not long after somebody called me on the phone and said turn on the phone and Cheryl was on news. She was talking about City of Angels and her son and that’s how I found City of Angels.

Governor Christie: The single most powerful thing that you have are your voices and your story because for people who haven’t experienced it, it is the most moving and motivating thing you can provide. And I look at each one of you, all at different stages of your life, and at different times in your grief and people if they heard you would be motivated to act. The great about our country I think is still that it is the most compassionate country in the world, but to get that compassion activated it has to be touched. And so when I say it’s not just empty words, your stories are what has changed the law in this state. Your stories are what can change the law in the country.

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Brian Murray

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