Christie: We Are Going To Help People Who Need It Despite Ignorance And Intolerance


Governor Christie: I'm delighted to be here at today’s ribbon cutting for Seabrook and before I go with my formal remarks, I want to address the people over there who are chanting. What I will guarantee you is the kids in that school, the kids in that school by all the statistics in New Jersey, will need, will need drug and alcohol treatment and you will be the same people who will complain that there’s not enough. This ignorant, NIMBY will not be stood for in New Jersey. I won’t stand for it. You can yell as much as you want but we are going to help people who need to be helped despite your ignorance and your intolerance. I’ll say one other thing to those folks who would rather yell than listen, rather yell than listen, I have four children and we have a treatment facility in our neighborhood, we have a treatment facility in our neighborhood and our kids have been safe for all 20 years that we’ve lived there so wake up and deal with the problem and you can yell all you like. Much better than you have yelled at me over the last seven and a half years.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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