This Country Has Always Stood For Making Sure We Give People Second Chances


Governor Christie: Today, Americans consume more opioids than any other country in the world. Add to that fact that an estimated 20 percent of adolescents with currently prescribed opioid medications report using those medications intentionally to get high or to increase the effect of other alcohol or drugs. So what we know is that this epidemic is moving up, not down, and it’s because of the ineffectiveness, quite frankly, of us to address this issue in a way that is honest and direct. Seabrook House is one of those places that can help and will help people in this part of the state to make sure that their families are no longer destroyed by the scourge of drug addiction and alcoholism.  What leadership is all about is allowing, as we do here, those who don’t understand this issue, those who are selfish to yell and scream, but leaders ignore the yelling and screaming and do what is right to do and as long as I'm governor I will ignore this ignorance and put our state’s efforts behind helping those who are addicted to get to recovery and to restore their lives themselves and their families. I want to say to the folks at Seabrook House, I can't thank you enough for your commitment to this problem. I can't thank you enough. As you can tell, at times it’s not easy to try to help people who are in trouble but this country has always stood for making sure that we give people second chances and second chances are not real if you don’t have a way and a path to get there and so the last thing I’ll say to all of you today is: be strong, be strong. Believe me, as I travel around this state and around the country, there are many, many more people, many more people who want to have places like this there to help their loved ones when they need them.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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