Gov. Christie: Demand Strong Leadership From The People Who Make Decisions For Our State


Governor Christie: What I want you all to know is every one of the things we have achieved, and we’ve achieved much, is derived from just two things: our willingness to make difficult decisions and lead, and your willingness to support that. Those two things connected together is what makes movements happen in politics. Either one of those are missing, it’s near impossible to get things done. So I’ll end where I started, the Transportation Trust Fund is a perfect example of that. A coalition of labor and business, commuters, and everyday folks who drive on the road coming together behind leaders who are willing to do difficult things. Me to sign a gas tax increase, Democrats in the Legislature to reduce taxes when they didn’t want to, and all of us agreeing to a much longer range plan for infrastructure than five years. Those are the things that you can get done, when you’re willing to do those things that are difficult, and you’ll be criticized for them, and when you have a group and a coalition like we had behind us who are willing to say we’re going to take the chance too to make a difference. I hope that that’s what you’ll demand of the next person who has this job. I hope that’s what you’ll demand of the people with responsibility for making the decisions for our state.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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