Gov. Christie: Jail Does Not Cure, Treatment Cures, And That’s What Drug Court Is All About

  • Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Governor Christie: It no longer makes sense. We’ve tried it for 30 years, to continue to have people who are drug addicted thrown into jail. Jail does not cure you. Treatment is what cures you, and that’s what drug court is all about. I heard Judge Florian mention expungement, and I hope you take advantage of what’s available now but I suspect that between now and the end of June we’re going to be able to work with the Legislature to get even a broader expungement package passed, to make it easier and broader for people, because second chances don’t matter if you can’t get a job. Second chances don’t matter if you can’t get a driver’s license. Second chances don’t matter if you can’t put food on the table or a roof over your head. Now you have to earn that second chance, and when you go through drug court and you stay sober you earn it. Remember what we say to people. The old saying was that when you went to jail and got out you had paid your debt to society. We’ve lost that idea. People leave prison and they keep paying. They keep paying that debt and they can’t be lifted up in every way we need to lift them up. So yes, we want to give treatment to save lives, absolutely, but once we save that life we want to make it a life of purpose in every way, in every way that we can, a life of purpose that not only provides love and affection and comfort to their family members, but a life that also provides them with the opportunity to do work of significance, to have a job that helps to support them, to have a career that they find interesting and stimulating, and if we don’t give people the opportunity to truly say goodbye to their past once they have moved to a new future then it’s an empty second chance and I will not leave the governorship with empty second chances.

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Brian Murray

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