Gov. Christie: The Sheridans Helped Camden Become A Leader In Our State And Region

  • Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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George Norcross: John Sheridan was a wonderful man who worked tremendously with this Governor and prior administrations but the City of Camden would not be undergoing its renaissance today, if not for our Governor. Everything you see going on in this city, public safety, public education, neighborhood preservation, redevelopment, the religious and community leadership acting as one in an extraordinary way unlike most other cities in New Jersey and probably the nation has happened under the leadership of our Governor. And I've said this before, we would not be here today seeing what we see if not for Governor Christie's leadership.

Governor Christie: To the people of Camden, who are participating in the transformation of this city right before our eyes, a city that last year had the second largest job growth of any metropolitan area in America. Camden, not Philadelphia. Camden. Second largest job growth. That that place that I walked into in 2002 as United States Attorney where we had to bring FBI and DEA and United States Marshals service in to lower the number of murders, last quarter had one murder in the quarter in the city of Camden. Extraordinary job by the men and women of the metro division of the Camden County police. That for anyone in this region who falls victim to cancer and needs to find the most modern cutting edge cancer treatments anywhere in the world, they will now be driving, not to Philadelphia and not to New York City, but to Camden and the MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Camden, New Jersey. Who would’ve thought that was possible 16 years ago? And the next wave of doctors that will serve those in need in this city and this region are now being trained, educated in a medical school in the city of Camden, associated with this great institution. And most importantly, we are seeing, and the pun is intended, a renaissance in K-12 education in this city under the leadership of Paymon Rouhanifard and the new approach to education in Camden, which is giving these children a chance at the best education you can get anywhere in the state of New Jersey. Public safety, K-12 public education, graduate education with Rutgers and with Cooper, cutting edge health care, and a sense once again that this city can be a leader not only in our state but in our region. None of that would have been possible if John Sheridan had not left the comfort of Morristown and the law firm he had helped to build and decided to take a chance on this city. When someone of John’s wisdom and experience is willing to take a chance, he encouraged me to take that chance as well. And we’re here today in this beautiful setting, first and foremost to say thank you to John and Joyce, for the chances they took, the sacrifices they made and the service that they gave to all of us and to our fellow citizens. So, I nod my head today to John and Joyce in their memory. And I hope that all of you find when you walk into this building that you’re uplifted by the memory of their easy smiles, their wise counsel, and their extraordinary service.

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Brian Murray

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