Gov. Christie On Treating Addiction: I’ve Gone To Too Many Funerals, Too Many


Governor Christie: Addiction is addiction. It is a disease, and we need to utilize every modality we have now to treat it, to save lives, and to expand the modalities that can help to treat this problem. If we continue to treat it is a moral failing, we will continue to lose lives by the tens of thousands and the worst part of that is, it’s unnecessary. We need to do this together, because I’ve gone to too many funerals, too many. And as Governor, I don’t want to go to that many more either in my last seven months or in the rest of my life, when I have to go to the funerals of children and loved ones of friends. So I can’t thank Saint Barnabas enough for your commitment to this, and I will continue to be committed to it not only for the next seven months but for the rest of my life in being a voice for those people who need this help, because I believe as I hope most of you do, that every life is an individual gift from God. Every life is an individual gift from God, and no life is beyond salvation. And so seems to me that the people in this room dedicate their life to that proposition that every life that comes into this building is an individual gift from God, and that your job is to make sure to the best that you can through all your skills and training and ability to make sure that that life is not beyond physical salvation. We have to make that we work on that together for those people who are addicted. Because if we do, it will certainly be the greatest thing that we ever do in our lives. Because when we save lives we’re truly doing God’s work here on Earth. And I think that’s what he put us here for at least in part. So we’re going to make sure this prescription monitoring program works in a way that works for physicians and works for health care providers and protects patients and assists law enforcement in their mission and having a partner like all of you will make that even easier. So, Barry, thank you for your leadership and for your invitation today. To Commissioner Velez, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for this state through your public service before and what you’re doing now. And to Attorney General Porrino, thank you for leading the fight on this to make sure that we save as many lives as we possibly can. And to all the wonderful people at Saint Barnabas, thank you for the extraordinary care you’ve provided for me and my family over the years, and the extraordinary care you provide for all the people of the state of New Jersey in this region, when they need people to really help them. It’s great to have a helping compassionate like we one we have here at Saint Barnabas. Thank you for having me here. I appreciate it.


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Brian Murray

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