Gov. Christie On PMP: Today, Five More States Are Joining This Proven, Lifesaving Network


Governor Christie: We have brought the issue of addiction to the forefront in New Jersey and we’ve now put it in the front of the national conversation as well with the help of the President. We’ve done this in part by enacting some of the reforms that Barry mentioned in his introduction and taking some initiatives that we hope will change the conversation on addiction. We’ve established, as you know, the most stringent restriction of its kind in the nation to limit initial prescriptions by doctors of opioids for acute pain to a five-day initial supply and we’re proud of that. And we’ve worked to bring America together through our New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program. This database is used to identify and successfully prosecute healthcare professionals associated with pill mills that dispense narcotics without a legitimate medical purpose. Today, I'm pleased to announce that five more states are joining this proven, lifesaving network and are now actively data sharing information with us. The new states include, finally, finally, Pennsylvania, finally Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and West Virginia increasing the total number to 12 states that are exchanging data with New Jersey to track prescription sales of narcotic pain killers. They join: New York, Connecticut, Delaware, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia and Minnesota in our group. Prescribers and pharmacists who are participating in the program are among the thousands of professionals who are reaching beyond their own borders understanding that folks who are addicted reach beyond their own borders. Since 2011, the database has captured information on more than 72.9 million written prescriptions and 8.9 million user requests have been conducted just since 2011. The total number of healthcare registrants, including physicians and all other CDS prescribers and pharmacists is over 35,000 which represents a 53 percent increase, a 53 percent total rather, of the total eligible prescribers and pharmacists across that entire network. But just as important as our interstate date sharing capability, and it’s very important, in the fight against prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping across state lines is our commitment to try to change the conversation on how we view those that are addicted. In 2016 the interstate hub enabled a total of over a million data requests between New Jersey and our interstate partners; that’s a 512 percent increase on the requests among states since 2015. That’s pretty incredible. During the first five months of this year, the hub captured an additional 824,000 requests between New Jersey and our interstate partners, that’s 274 percent up since last year. So, people are using this system and they understand its importance in helping, first and foremost, to protect patients. The first thing about the Prescription Monitoring Program is not a law enforcement purpose, it’s a humanitarian purpose. I'm honored to have been asked by the President to chair his national commission on opioid abuse and the prescription monitoring program now 49 of the 50 states have one. We’re still waiting on Missouri, which is kind of funny, right? Because every time I call Governor Greitens I just keep saying show me man, show me. I get to use his slogan right back at him. He keeps telling me it’s almost done Governor, it’s almost done. I say ok Governor, show me, show me when it’s done. Once we get Missouri on board, the goal of the commission will be to provide a way to have all 50 states linked. It will be an incredible tool, first and foremost for patient protection, secondly, for law enforcement to be able to make sure that those who are profiting off of poisoning people are held to account and are taken off the streets and their prescription pads are taken away from them.


Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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