Governor Christie: I Need People In This Army To Save Lives


Governor Christie: I need soldiers to march. I need people in this army to save lives. If you're here I got to figure we got you at least 75 percent of the way there, if not further. And whatever percentage is left for you in your own mind to get to the point where you're going to try to make a difference in this, I hope I'm bringing you there. Because that's why I'm here. It is to honor organizations like A Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey and the mission they're trying to accomplish. It's to honor the mothers and fathers who have lost their children because they are, by the way, the leaders of this movement. They're the leaders of this movement because they've suffered the pain and the loss and the blame and the guilt. I'm here to honor the sons and daughters and the brothers and sisters of those people who live on with the fear and the pain and the best way for us to honor them is to lessen the number of them. If in the future we can lessen the number of those people we're going to be better off.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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