Gov. Christie On Addiction: Life Moves, It’s Not Static, It’s Not Something You’re Stuck With


Governor Christie:  Kathryn was living a much different life before she slipped and fell and got on those pills and life went in another direction. What I said to another client I met a few weeks ago though was, the great news about that is that you know life can move. So, if it moves in that direction, it can move in the direction, too. And it’s not static, it’s not something you’re stuck with. It’s not something you have to live with or die with. It’s something that you can change. You just need people to help you do it. And the resolve that Kathryn shown over the last year to use those tools to help her stay sober.

Kathryn: And my tools are right here.

Governor Christie:  Right, what an enormous gift.

Kathryn: Exactly, I feel extremely lucky to have, I didn’t even know it. I mean I didn’t get, I had no idea about the system when I came in the doors and the days after have been nothing but wonderful.

Governor Christie:  And that’s the gift. And for all of you I know you feel this or you wouldn’t be here doing this but what an extraordinary career, to have an opportunity to be a gift to someone and change their life for the better as a result. You know, that’s worth a lot. It’s worth a lot. And I’m sure that each one of you have your frustrations and your misgivings on certain days around here because I’m sure there are some days where there’s some people that challenge you in a way. But when those things happen you just go to Wes and he makes it all better, right? But with all of that, I’m sure there also moments of extraordinary exhilaration and triumph when you see someone succeed. So, we’re going to try to help you do that, to help you do more of that. And you are the instruments to get that done. And I’m really proud to be here with you and hear your stories and hear what you’re accomplishing for yourself and for those that you work for every day. So keep up the great work.

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