Gov. Christie To Smith Family Foundation: I’m Thrilled About What You’re Doing For Trenton


Governor Christie: When I heard about what you were doing here, I wanted to come and see it for myself and make sure other people heard about it as well. What an extraordinary story for all of you to take the good fortune you’ve received and to share it with this community is just amazing and to do it in a way that gives people a chance to lift themselves up, give them the opportunity that they might not otherwise have to be able to do that is just I think an amazing idea. Not one that’s often done I think by folks who, who receive some good fortune. And I’m just thrilled about it. As you know, the Mayor and I have been working hard together to try to do a lot of things that you’re trying to do. Which is to uplift the image of Trenton, not only just to provide people with these opportunities but also to just make people feel better about living in the Capital City to have people have it look better and to make people once again feel like this a place where they want to be. So I’m just thrilled for what you’re doing and I can’t thank you enough for being partners with us in trying to get this done. We know it’s hard work every day. It’s not easy, but I’ve always found that nothing worthwhile is easy. So, Mrs. Smith thank you very much.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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