Gov. Christie: 142 People A Day In This Country Die Of Drug Overdose, This Is A National Emergency


Governor Christie: The reaction from all of them was universally very good. The president—president’s staff believes that the actions that we put forward are strong and I think you’ll see many if not all of them done by the president, so I want everybody to understand this, and we put it and I wrote a good part of the report myself. We have 142 people a day in this country dying of a drug overdose, 142 people a day. That means every three weeks we have a loss equal to the loss we had on 9/11, every three weeks from a drug overdose in this country. This is a national emergency. This is a public health crisis in every corner of this country, and the president needs, in my opinion, to take strong and decisive action to begin to roll this back. The president and I had a very full discussion about all the different options that were presented in the report on Sunday and he’ll make—but he’s the president, he’ll get to make those decisions over the course of the weeks coming forward.


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Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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