Gov. Christie: As The Opioid Crisis Has Increased, The Need For Attention Has Increased


Governor Christie: For me, it’s just been about the people I see affected by this every day. You know, whenever fourth graders use to come to visit the State House, when we were down the street, and I would get to interact with them, one of the questions- they would always ask two questions, right, one was what’s your favorite color? For some reason, fourth graders were all obsessed with what the Governor’s favorite color is, and second was, what’s the best part of being Governor? And I would give the same answer all the time, the best part of being Governor is that you wake up every morning having the chance to do something great. You don’t do something great every day, because you’re human, but you have the chance to do something great. And, so what’s been clear to me is that, this is an issue that I’ve cared about for much longer than the time a became Governor. I went on the Board at Daytop Village, in Mendham, which is an inpatient adolescent drug treatment facility, in 1998, so nearly 20 years ago. So this is something I’ve cared about for a really long time, and something that our Administration has been working on for a very long time but as this crisis has increased, the need for attention has increased even more and resources increased even more. And so how do I feel? I mean, I just feel grateful that there are people that are listening and acting. And as Kellyanne said, the President and I talked a lot about this on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, because as I talked about it, and a video or two that I did got a lot of national attention. We’re friends, and even when we were running against each other we were friend, and he would talk to me about this issue when we would be at debates or other campaign events where we had joint appearances. And I know that he cares deeply about this issue, too. So, now to have my friend the President, who cares deeply about this issue, giving me the opportunity to take a leadership role on it, I consider it a great gift. I’m grateful for the opportunity and hopefully that what we do here, together, can help to save lives. If we do that, then I will have fulfilled what I said to those kids, which is that you have a chance every day to do something great and hopefully this will be one of those things that ultimately will fall into that category.

Press Contact:
Brian Murray

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