Protecting New Jersey's Environment

The Challenge

In the past, the state of New Jersey has been unable to establish consistent and effective policies to deliver both environmental and economic progress. Significant changes in policies and practices are urgently needed to 1) accelerate improvements to the environment; 2) remove unnecessary obstacles to economic growth; and 3) more effectively manage limited fiscal and human resources.

The Solution

New Jersey will once again be competitive and attractive to business investment, while at the same time improve air and water quality, incentivize the cleanup of contaminated sites, and better manage the State’s natural resources.

Governor Christie’s Environmental policies are built around six key elements:

  • Dedicate the Department of Environmental Protection to its core mission
  • Streamline the permitting process
  • Protect New Jersey’s natural resources and Open Space
  • Strongly enforce clean water and ocean pollution laws
  • Prioritize the efficient remediation of contaminated sites
  • Make New Jersey the leader in renewable energy

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