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If It Sounds
Too Good To Be True...

NJ AIDS Health Fraud Task Force

...It Probably Is!

What is AIDS Fraud?

AIDS Health Fraud is the promotion of an AIDS related health product, treatment or service that is known to be false, unproven, or potentially harmful.

If you have HIV or AIDS, it is your right to seek alternative treatments in addition to prescribed medical treatments.

It is also your right to be protected against false claims and harmful products.

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What are Some Red Flags?

You should question any treatment that claims.......

  • a quick and painless cure or miracle.
  • a secret or natural formula.
  • a scientific breakthrough.
  • to boost the immune system.
  • to "cure or prevent" a variety of other illnesses.

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How to Identify Health Fraud

Is the product or service.....

  • available only by mail order?
  • available only from a foreign country?
  • available only through the internet?
  • promoted by personal success stories instead of scientific proof?
  • tested in another country?
  • an experimental drug treatment of technique offered for a fee? [It is very rare for patients to be charged for experimental treatments or drugs. It is illegal to make profits from experimental drugs.]
  • something the "professional medical community" doesn't want you to know about?

If so, the product or service may be fraudulent.

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Look Before You Leap

  • Products that tell you to stop taking your prescribed medication don't benefit your medical care.
  • Some products use personal success stories to promote sales. Personal success stories are not proof that a product or treatment works.
  • Be suspicious of claims that a treatment can "prevent" or "cure" AIDS.
  • Will boost the immune system.
  • Give yourself at least 24 hours. Don't say "yes" to a good sales pitch.

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It's Your Responsibility!

No matter what answers you get, stop and think.

Give yourself at least 24 hours. Don't say yes to a "good sales pitch".

Compare your information with that from a reliable source, such as your physician, local AIDS agency, local FDA office or the AIDS/STD Hotline.

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New Jersey AIDS Health Fraud Task Force

The new Jersey AIDS Health Fraud Task Force is made up of representatives of local AIDS organizations and government agencies. Our goal is to educate the community about the dangers of AIDS fraud and to increase the ability of individuals to make informed decisions about their health. For more information call a member from your area:

North: Joan Lytle
Food & Drug Administration
Central: Barbara Smith, RN, ACRN VNACJ/NJSNA 732-502-5116
South: Gene Brunner
Atlantic City Health Department

For more information on this and related topics call:

Clinical Trials Information

Project Inform



National AIDS Information Clearinghouse

or visit FDA's Internet home page