Rapid HIV Testing

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Rapid HIV Test Result in 20 Minutes

Rapid HIV testing has been available in New Jersey since November 2003. You can visit one of New Jersey's Rapid Testing Sites to get your rapid HIV test.

The rapid HIV test is used to diagnose patients during routine visits to counseling and testing sites, health care providers, and emergency departments. It is important to know your HIV status to reduce the possibility of transmitting HIV to other people.

For pregnant women, the rapid HIV test can be a vital tool in reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission. Upon arrival at the hospital a woman in labor can be tested for HIV, find out her HIV status within 20 to 40 minutes, and be treated with medicine that can reduce the likelihood of transmission of HIV to her baby.

Rapid HIV testing is available throughout New Jersey at publicly funded HIV counseling and testing sites. Most sites offer rapid HIV counseling and testing free of charge.


For more information on HIV/AIDS please see HIV/AIDS Facts and Figures on the following web site http://www.state.nj.us/health/aids/aidsprv.htm.